DMLS is officially coming back this year October 13th & 14th!


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Registration is now open! Pay online under our registration tab or come pay in cash at our table in the Bronfman lobby from 11 to 4pm everyday.







A few reviews of DMLS from Upper Years…



“DMLS was a wonderful experience and almost a right of passage into my university career at Desautels. I learned a great deal from the conference because it encompasses most of the stuff you will encounter outside of the classroom: networking, case competitions and speaker series.” – Roderick Moy


“DMLS was my first introduction to the world of case competitions. I discovered my love for case cracking, learned about different business fields from professionals, and made new fellow first year friends!” Gillian Bradley


“It allowed me to meet so many new people from the very start of the semester, making it easier to integrate into the community from then on. Learning how to network helped me for the rest of the year, and will help me for the rest of my life. It was also my first time being exposed to the world of case competitions and encouraged me to join Case League and further, be an ambassador for MMICC. Overall a truly rewarding experience!” – Julia Barreau


“DMLS exposed me to a variety of career options and motivated me to start preparing early!”Corinna Ha


“For me, DMLS was a great introduction to the Desautels community. It got me excited about getting involved!” – Sarah Anne O’Connor-Savaria


“Arriving as a First Year, it can be quite overwhelming and hard to figure out where to start to get involved. All I knew is I wanted to do many things during my time at McGill. DMLS showed me the ropes, allowed me to meet so many great people, introduced me to the world of case comps, and taught me so many valuable skills. If you are in the same position, DMLS is for you!”Laura Zenker


“I am so grateful I attended DMLS in my First Year as it was my first exposure to case. I thoroughly enjoyed the case crack component of the weekend and I was inspired to join Case League because of it! In addition to learning so much from the engaging speakers that were present, I also met a ton of other incoming students, some of whom I’m very good friends with today!” – Samantha Wren


“Through DMLS I realized how important it would be for me that my career allows me to learn on a daily basis! Curiosity is key!”Florence La Rochelle