About DMLS

DMLS is a conference aimed at students entering the Desautels Faculty of Management offering the opportunity to discover a passion in the different fields of business, learn valuable networking and leadership skills, as well as gain critical thinking and presentation experience.

Over the course of a weekend, students will be enriched in a variety of multidisciplinary events in a breadth of fields including finance, accounting, consulting, technology, manufacturing, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. The first day includes keynote speakers, intimate breakout interactive workshops, and an intro to networking at the wine & cheese. The second day comprises a case competition where students, in teams of four with an upper-year mentor, are given three hours to solve a pre-written, general strategic case. This is directly followed by a 20-minute presentation in front of a panel of expert judges and a second wine and cheese for award presentations.

DMLS offers the chance to gain valuable skills and knowledge that will be the stepping stones to your future in the Desautels